Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Collection of Today's Sayings

Zane: Wet toots sneak up on you!

 Aris spiked a high fever this evening.  Although it is slowly coming down, she is still rather miserable. When I suggested that she go to bed early, she balked.

Me: Sick little girls need to go to bed early.
Aris: I'm not sick, I just have a fever! (said rather indignantly).

While cuddling with my sick little girl, we read a book about Canadian insects.  Kian joined us at the grasshopper section.

Me: (reading the title) Grasshopper
Kian: That not a grasshopper!
Me: Yes, it's a grasshopper.
Kian: No, it not a grasshopper.
(repeat approximately five times)
Me: Well then, what is it?
Kian: I don't know...(pointing at the picture) What is that?
Me: Those are the grasshopper wings.
Kian: It has wings? It not a bug, it a bird!!!
 He pronounced "bird" as "beard" which led to some confusion but we eventually figured it out.


  1. I *love* conversations with little people...
    Praying for Aris now.
    Sending love, Leilani

  2. Kids are so available when they are sick. I hope she is well soon.