Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Blog Day

About a month ago, I learned that some bloggers are celebrating the leap day by leaping blogs. As one of my dear friends is participating, I asked her to share some of her beautiful words in my space today. I knew she would write something special, I didn't expect her to write lovely encouraging words about me. I am blessed, encouraged and humbled. Without further ado, here's Karo:

On February 25th I had the privilege of participating in a fundraising walk called

For those of you who don't know me, the homeless of K-W hold a special place in my heart, and so I was pleased to be able to fund-raise for such a personally meaningful cause. For the record, I have no idea how it worked out that way, but it really did turn out to be the coldest night of the year, with a brutal, biting wind that cut through our coats and chilled to the bone. I took the time to really feel the cold that night, to consider what it would feel like WITHOUT all my warm layers. To try to imagine what it would be like to have to try to sleep and stay warm in that weather, day in and day out. I was grateful for the cold that night, for the chill that lasted for hours after the walk had ended and I was inside a warm, safe place, because it served as a reminder to me of how very fortunate I am. When problems and concerns pile up, it is unfortunately very easy to become egocentric and focus only on ourselves, to forget about the bigger things, the more important things. Reminders like this are essential, in my opinion, for (attempting to live) living a balanced life.

Another thing I was grateful for that night was the gift of friendship. If you're here at (abundant) Life with kids then you likely already know what an amazing woman Grace is. So I'm not going to write this for you, but rather for Grace herself, because I think sometimes she forgets what a wonderful person she is, and how she inspires those around her.

First off, Grace, you are an excellent mother. You're raising three beautiful, bright, and empathetic children. They are inquisitive, gentle, caring, and intelligent, with just the right amount of quirky (must be from their father, right?)! I am constantly amazed at the empathy your children show toward others, and at the size of their hearts. You don't just parent; you guide their minds, hearts, and souls. And it shows. They are challenging (I know all too well the unique challenges that come from raising 'spirited' children, as I've got a son and a daughter of my own who are spirited children themselves), but- and I'm sorry to be corny- I truly feel that you live up to your name. I have yet to meet anyone who could meet the challenges (and joys!) you face on a daily basis with such grace, not to mention patience and humour. Lord knows parents of young children need a good sense of humour to make it through these formative years!

You are one of the kindest, most thoughtful friends I have. I know that you are always willing to lend your ear to listen to my worries, or your shoulder to lean on in difficult times, or even your tissues when I need a good cry. Having a friend like you to count on, someone who will be there unconditionally, non-judgmentally, is a rare gift, and it's one I treasure. Though we met many years ago, we didn't get to know each other well and become close until recently. I'm so glad that we did, though- I can't imagine not having you in my life. I suppose that watching someone push another human being out of their body -not once, but twice- tends to bring people closer, huh? Not much left to bare after that, is there? Plus, you have this knack for just showing up on my doorstep unannounced and creating these awesome surprise play dates, which I love:)

I had a wonderful time walking with you and Aris. See, here's proof:

I kinda wish that guy in the ridiculous getup hadn't come into an otherwise lovely picture, but what can ya do, right? Seriously, who doesn't just wear a hat? Some people.

Thank you for walking with me- not just on the coldest night of the year, but on this journey called life. Ian and I are honoured to call you our friend.

Friday, February 17, 2012

To Make a Bad Day Better

Because I have awesome friends, I have decided to share this epic Facebook thread with you.  I keep going back because it makes me really happy.  Because I'm changing names, I can't just do a screen shot. But here's the gist.

Veronica's status update:
 Steve, are we still on for the prenatal belly dancing at your house tonight? I know you said you were interested.

Keona: I must have missed an inside joke? Steve is pregnant? :p

Steve: Umm… That was when I was … elsewhere…, right?

Grace: Steve says you're a nut. :)

Steve: Keona, yes I do appear to be pregnant to some. However, it doesn't seem to have resulted in a baby yet. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?

Veronica: Perhaps it's Grace that's doing something wrong. We'll brainstorm when we next get together and see if we can figure it out.

Veronica: No, you didn't miss anything Keona. I just decided to bug Steve :).

Keona: My husband might be interested in male prenatal belly dancing too. We'll see if we can get enough guys to teach a class. :)

Veronica: Okay, I'll check with my hubbie :).

Veronica: ‎Bianca, see if your husband is interested ;).

Veronica: My hubbie says to sign him up.

Steve: What, do all of us guys have beer bellies?

Veronica: So I'm putting you down as a 'yes' then Steve?

Steve: Umm, I believe I have an appointment with my hairdresser that day.

Veronica: Ask her if she know where you can get some good bellydancing gear.

Steve: troublemaker.

Lucy: I should get my husband to join. Although that man doesn't have much belly to work with.

Keona: No "beer belly" required! Just need to be male. Lucy's husband would love it! :)

Keona: No worries Steve, we have flexible class times.

Veronica: Yeah and don't worry about buying Steve. I'm sure Grace has something cute and jingly you could tie around your waist.

Steve: ‎Veronica, eww. Keona, It's a really long appointment. I'm quite sure it will conflict.

Mama Bear: Chicken!

Veronica: Steve this hairdresser of yours...they, uh - you DO know that you have no hair right? I mean I'm not judging or anything. Bald people should be able to go to the hairdresser if they choose to do so. I'm just saying yo might want to consider the possibility that you're being scammed.

Steve: Am Not Bald! Or Scammed. Now that I think about it, it wasn't the hairdresser keeping me busy at all. It was the society of hunters in hummers (very manly!) that's been trying to recruit me. Apparently they think I'd make a good poster man (not boy!) or something.

Veronica: Well, okay Steve. However I urge you to consider all of the men that are weeping inside because they would like to take belly dancing classes but are afraid that society would look down on them. Thisis your opportunity to take a stand and pave the way towards a more flexible waistline for men everywhere. *Holds out hand* Won't you join us, Steve? You know you want to ;).

Steve: Give me a list of names, and I'll get the Hunters in Hummers to give them a call. There is hope...

Veronica: Haha! LOL.

Bianca: was this a joke thing or did it really happen?

Veronica: It's mostly a joke that came from a small bit of reality. Mainly, I'm just teasing Steve, although I would be hugely entertained at the sight of a group of belly dancing husbands :).

Grace: I need to read this comment thread whenever I have a bad day. This cracks me up! :)