Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Sun Still Shines

 Several years ago, I boarded a plane to Halifax.  It was miserable weather in Toronto; grey, cold and drizzly.  Halifax was much the same.  But in between, the plane was filled with the most glorious sunshine.  Having a window seat, I basked in the sunshine.  My heart sank as we dipped below the clouds again, waving goodbye to the sun.

 I learned a simple, somewhat obvious truth that day.  Above the clouds, the sun is always shining. (Except at night, of course!)

 Recently, my heart has felt clouded over, grey and miserable.  There have been too many days where I stand in my kitchen crying, overwhelmed by everything.  Being the calm, logical person that I am (HA!),  I then start to freak out about being overwhelmed.  It's a downward spiral from there.

 And in this overcast place, I have begun to remind myself that the sun is still shining though I cannot see it.  This simple truth brings me great comfort.  I know that someday the clouds will lift.  Joy will return.  So for now I look for the little rays of sunlight: a good book, tea with friends, lighting the Menorah candles with my Jewish friends and daughter, good chocolate,  an escape after a crazy day and a carol sing on the way to school.  When the sunshine is covered by the clouds, hope is left behind.  I will be okay, I know it, for the sun still shines.


  1. oh, it does still shine - even when we can't see it. I know these feelings. many blessings to you.

  2. The sun is ALWAYS shining. It's just that we are not ALWAYS in the place we can feel it shining. God ALWAYS loves you. You're not ALWAYS in the place you can feel his love.

  3. Often, Grace, the sun shines through you. You are one of those special people who leaves each heart, each place a little bit brighter because you have passed through. And I thank you for that. And also? I miss you!

  4. i've missed you friend. i'm so sorry you've been battling dark days... if it helps, i have too. winter is hard that way, no? i hope and pray the light of Jesus illuminates and brightens your soul this Christmas... love e.

  5. Hm... very nice. And I have the same downward spiral, it's a curse instigated by this silly world that says that emotional people are rediculous and incapable... it's a lie from the devil but I believe it almost every time.

  6. These feelings are so hard to overcome. But by the grace of God, hanging on to Him, we come through the clouds little by little.
    May He bless you with more joy in the days ahead. He will.