Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Food...

 Seriously, I'm writing this post just so I can close all the links I have open in my browser.  I've been cooking a lot from recipes found online recently.  They've been yummy and I've wanted to share the deliciousness, but I haven't been in a writing mood.   Until today, the multiple open tabs haven't bothered me.  All of a sudden, I have this urgent need to close some tabs.  Without further ado, here's what I've been cooking.

  I've had a surfeit of produce, specifically peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. (I just remembered that I have zucchini too.  Clearly I need to make fritters again.  Sooo good!) We've been eating vegetarian most meals, but I like my peppers stuffed with meat.  Out of beef, I defrosted some ground turkey instead.  I'm not sure the flavours stood out as well as I might have liked, but my guests enjoyed them as did my children.  Alongside the peppers, I served eggplant bruschetta.  Although some of the slices were too thin, everyone who ate it asked for seconds.  I think I will try this again.

 Personally, I enjoy tomatoes. Sliced tomatoes, salted and peppered, on toasted bread with mayonnaise are amazing.  I like my tomatoes roasted, sauteed, sliced, sundried or just popped in my mouth.  Unfortunately not everyone in my family shares this enthusiasm for the fruit.  But I try not to let this deter me from my enjoyment.  Last week I roasted a pan full of tomatoes and then pureed them into soup. (I scraped the juices off the pan with my spoon. Just the memory of that flavourful explosion makes me sigh in sheer delight). Oh soo good! And my picky little eaters will cheerfully eat tomato soup when you let them dip garlic croutons in it.  I almost didn't want to share it was that good.

 There were still piles of tomatoes left on my counter after making the soup. Then I stumbled on a recipe for tomato pie.  What on earth is tomato pie, I wondered? Intrigued, I read on to discover it is a Southern dish.  Well, my grandfather being born in Georgia and all, that sold it for me. My kidlets were enthusiastic about the fresh corn(a little too enthusiastic if you ask me as my pile of kernels started diminishing before even making it into the dish) while rather dismal towards the tomatoes. Thankfully, they did eat the pie, although one child made a nice little pile of tomatoes on her plate while my husband devoured his slice and had seconds.  That was some good pie. He even requested that I make this again.

 Now, lest you think I continually torture stretch my children's culinary palette, I did make them something they enjoyed.  Having leftover pork, I decided to make pork fried rice.  Oh, the happiness! Aris told me that I was the best mom ever, Zane complimented the meal in French(tres tres bien), and Kian dug in.

 In addition to the savoury dishes, I made some sweet things as well.  Veronica's husband had given me peaches. As they were rather bruised, I made peach muffins.  If you like peach cobbler, these are the muffins for you. Easy and yummy.  I also made two rhubarb crisps, one for a family dinner and one for multicultural night at school. There weren't any leftovers.  For youth group, I tried out English Toffee Bars.  Once again, these were a hit.  Very sweet, but that's perfect for teenagers. :) browser looks so much nicer now! I wonder what I'll cook this week.  If someone slips me some pears, I have a coffee cake I want to try.

 What did you cook last week?


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you cook this week. Always exciting to try!

  2. Love the comment of torturing the palettes of your children. We belong to a CSA and some weeks my family can't bear to look at another vegetable. But, too bad, I will find a way to use them all. Waste not want not. : )