Monday, November 7, 2011

Caramelizing Onions

Onions are slowly caramelizing on my stovetop, simmering away in a mixture of bacon grease and olive oil.  We often eat meatless on Mondays, but bacon was the guest of honour on our table tonight.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Bacon is easy to cook and loved by everyone in our house. Well, everyone except maybe Steve. I think he likes the taste but laments the grease.  His share of the bacon disappeared quite quickly just the same.

 I had planned on making turkey soup(I know, not meatless) or something vegetarian but an emotionally tumultuous morning left me drained.  In a daze, I caught up on blog reading, finished the latest Stephanie Plum novel(a guilty pleasure) and played some video games with my son.  Not much was accomplished as my inner stability slowly reset.  By evening time I was calm, but supper was not made. Thankfully bacon lurked in my freezer.  I combined the bacon with brussel sprouts and some garlic for a yummy, if not exactly balanced meal.  My sweetlings ate their dinner with very little complaint.  Zane whined a wee bit, but cheered up when he was served three wee tiny sprouts, which disappeared very quickly. Me thinks he complains from force of habit some days.

 The upside of all that blog reading today was gaining inspiration to cook.  I stumbled across a caramelized onion dip recipe(as well as some interesting cookie recipes for the upcoming Christmas cookie exchange-can I make caramels? How about cardamon orange fig newtons? Or pine nut and rosemary brittle?) Feeling rather snacky I decided to invest the time in slowly cooking down the onions.  After trading some prize items from my Hallowe'en bag*, I now have potato chips to eat with said dip.  As I cook, happiness begins to seep back in.  Clearly I need to cook for fun more often. :)

*Several years ago, I purchased a handmade fairy dress on sale at a local costume shop.  To keep my children happy(and for my own pleasure), I dress up at Hallowe'en.  I would prefer to be a superhero, but haven't found a costume that is a)in my price range and b)not skanky.  Until I find such an item, I will be a green and lavender fairy with matching wings. Interestingly enough, while accompanying my daughter to the door, some people thought that I was also a child.  Given that I got candy, I wasn't complaining. :)

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  1. lovely- Bacon is a great fall back ingredient.. so versatile.

    love your blog G.