Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Minute Friday-Grow

It's been awhile since I've joined up with Lisa-Jo on Fridays, mostly because I was so far behind on my blog-reading.  But I'm caught up for the moment and eager to write so here goes...If you're new to the FMF, the plan is to write for five minutes without editing.  Today's topic: Grow.

 After the lights go out, we lay together, my head on his shoulder, just talking.  Our conversation dips and wanders and I marvel at our growth.  We talk of parallel universes and the possibilites that might have been. I laugh, enjoying being a geek with him.  And I look back at when we married, at all the change that has come since then.  How we hid our geekiness, or let it out in socially acceptable little bites, careful to cloak it with a brief mocking.  And now, we live as geeks, openly gloriously because this is who we have become as our lives have intertwined. Our love for each other has created an environment where we are able to be fully who we were created to be.  It isn't always easy or pretty, and we're definitely not cool.  But the freedom to be fully me is delicious. My husband's unconditional love and support has allowed me to flourish in so many ways.

 And those conversations where we throw out crazy concepts like multiple universe theory or discuss how old Senator/Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine really is? They're pretty awesome.



  1. love this...y'all are cool to each other...that's all that matters! who cares what ayone else thinks??

    :) mountain mama

  2. Isn't it wonderful to be with someone that "gets" you. :)

  3. Sure is! Love you Grace! Love being a geek with you!

    This is one thing I love about marriage. I remember in my single days, I ended up trying to be me, but at the same time, someone who was palitable to every woman out there that I might consider a posibility. Only having to worry about being the right guy for the woman I love is very freeing in many ways. Harder in others too I guess -- no more phonyness. When you know someone as well as we know each other, it takes stuff to such a different level, doesn't it?