Sunday, April 24, 2011

Random, disjointed happenings

It's late. I should be in bed, or at least on my way. But I have been too silent in this space recently. As my physical voice threatens to disappear, I wanted to be heard here more regularly. I just wish I had more to say.

In between church services yesterday, I made chocolate covered cream eggs. This turned into a bit of a family affair.  My older children helped mix the cream flavours, Aris mixed strawberry while Zane did peanut butter, his favourite.  Kian was supposed to help with the coconut, but I had to remove it as all he was interested in doing was eating the sugary dough. *sigh*  Both Aris and Zane started to help shape the dough, but soon gave up.  Instead my wonderful husband was dragged into helping.  He shaped eggs, stirred chocolate and dipped eggs.  Aris also dipped eggs and topped them so we could identify the flavours.  This was a first for me, as I normally just make people guess. I feel so proud of myself for being this organized! *grins*

 Today I made hot cross buns.  This was much less of a family affair, although my eldest did dreg the fruit in flour and she stirred for me as well.  Thankfully my littlest was too busy playing outside or he would have helped me "knead" the dough..which in Kian-speak means eat the dough while Mommy is trying to knead it.  He is very "helpful".  Thankfully he's also really cute! This recipe calls for piped dough crosses.  I'm quite enjoying the end result, but found piping too hard on my hands.  Once again, my wonderful husband was called in to help.  Not only did he help relatively cheerfully, he also found the most efficient way to pipe said dough crosses.  I always learn a lot when my husband helps out.  He's pretty clever. :)

 One of my BFFs is in town.  I enjoy her visits so much.  Last night we went to a youth service.  I know were not exactly youth anymore, but I still praise God best to loud music.  Tonight we went to see "Soul Surfer".  It was good, although slightly cheesy.  Not exactly cheesy, just more Hollywood tends to depict faith rather awkwardly.  I didn't expect to cry that much, not sure why.  But it was a beautiful movie.  I think I'm going to try to get the book out of the library.

 Speaking of books, Lent is almost over! I've fudged a bit today on eating, but passed on cheesecake after the movie.  That should count, right? I have however been very good about not reading fiction.  My library book is due on the 26th, so I will probably read it either tomorrow or Monday.  Yay for reading fiction again!

 The flowers in my woods are starting to bloom. I didn't have time to take pictures today, but I shall head out with my camera soon.  It looks like the first blooms in my garden in appearing.  Unfortunately, it also appears that little feet stepped on said blooms.  I will admire them anyways.  I keep reciting "People are more important than plants. People are more important than plants."  Usually it works.

 A dear friend emailed me to share very encouraging, uplifting words about my husband.  I haven't yet emailed her back, but those words meant a lot to both of us.  I value my husband very highly, thinking him a man of great character, integrity and wisdom.  It has been hard to see him so very frustrated and discouraged.  Although the situation is not yet fully resolved, these words from our friends encouraged us both greatly.

 This week held my third and final practice birth.  Now I can begin completing the rest of the certification requirements.  I hope to have everything done before my birthday, if not sooner.  Tonight my husband registered a domain for my business.  He also began to design a logo for me.  I'm scared and  excited as well as very thankful for Steve.

 He just yelled down the stairs, inquiring if I'm coming to bed. I guess that's my cue. Good night, all!


  1. Happy Easter. Chocolate eggs, blooming flowers and finishing a class. All good. Love a Happy Easter.

  2. You really are a good friend, aren't you? It seems like whatever I read from you refers to good friends. I so admire that.