Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time Change and other stories

 Just to let everyone know, the time changes tonight if you practice daylight savings time.  If you live in my house, the time was changed first thing this morning which led to great confusion on my part as I was unaware.  I began to wonder if I was just losing(and gaining) blocks of time, but eventually figured it out.  We'll chalk the confusion up to sleep deprivation.

 One of the "miracles" of today's time stretchiness meant that I arrived early(gasp!) for a used children's clothing sale this morning.  (When I told Steve about it, I left off the word clothing.  He informed me that we had quite enough, thank you.  Then he told me to be sure to only bring back a quiet one. My husband loves to tease me!) There weren't a lot of the larger children's sizes, which was what I was looking for.  I did find several skirts and one shirt that Aris liked and she bought herself a Mr. Potato Head.  I also bought a "tagged" blanket.  Later, I noticed that Aris was cuddling with it, so I asked Steve to go buy another one. He was nearby, so stopped by and picked one up.  She loved it so much that she took it to bed with her this evening.  The extra sensory stimulation really helped her mood. Yay!

 Today has been a better Lenten observance day.  There will be a used women's clothing swap after church tomorrow, so I went through my clothing and sorted out quite a bit.  This definitely counts towards cleaning my room. :) I also set a menu yesterday for today and hit both of my goals.  For lunch we enjoyed a Quebec version of sloppy joes.  My friend introduced me to it several months ago and it is a huge hit at my house.  She served it to Kian and I recently.  Not only did he ask for seconds at her house, he remembered the dish before I served it and exclaimed excitedly "I yike dis!!!!" Once again, he asked for seconds, as did all of my children. Score!!!! For dinner, I made cornbread(johnny cake) and served the amazing baked beans recipe my friend posted.  It wasn't as spicy the second time around, but the kids still didn't eat much of it.  They did however devour the cornbread and the salad Steve made.  I will count this as a victory, both the day and the meal. :)

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  1. I got my son a vibrating teether to help his sensory input as well as his teething and it works great. You can find them at Babies "r" us.