Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yellow Wellingtons

 It may be cold, wet and gross out there, but when you own a pair of rubber boots, all is passable(and possible too!).  Today I donned my bright yellow rain boots for all excursions outside of the house.  Although I probably looked like an idiot, I had dry feet.  Wearing my wellies, I cheerfully tramped through the rather deep puddles on the sidewalks and had an even better time walking through the swamp that is our forest in the spring.  Kian, on my back, kept begging me to walk through the puddles, as if he was living vicariously through me.  I must say, my rubber boots turned a miserable wet day into a much funner wet day at least for me.

 I'm trying to use all the different names for rain boots I can think of.  Any other ones you can add?