Friday, June 3, 2011

Every Day-Five Minute Friday

Certain things are a given each day. Every morning, my youngest will crawl into my bed. With sad little eyes and in his saddest voice he will say "I haven't had any nursies yet today".  As he has typically been awake for all of five minutes by this point, I don't have much sympathy.   Later he will turn to me saying "I haven't pwayed any video games today."  It is a given that he will utter those two phrases each and every day.

 Every day my daughter will throw a fit about something and stomp upstairs.  Every day my older son will tell me that he doesn't like the meal I made.  There will be some complaining, arguing and just general annoyances from my children each and every day.

 Every day, I have a choice to make.  I'm pretty sure I make bad choices every single day, but I mostly am able to redeem them.  Although the current behavioural problems we're facing are both annoying and challenging, there is a blessing in the repetition.  For each day that I'm faced with the same challenge that I met yesterday, the day before and the day before that, I know that I am also given the opportunity to make improvements.  Each day I learn something new, am given a chance to respond better today, to build on what I learned and put into practice yesterday.  Slowly, slowly, slowly I'm moving forward.

 Every new day brings with it challenges, not all of them new.  But each new day also brings with it growth and victory.  I like that. :)

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  1. "Every day, I have a choice to make." That's so true! We do have choices and praise God He can re-direct us when we make wrong ones:) Enjoyed your post and Gypsy Mama's theme this week! Blessings!

  2. Popping in from 5 Minute Fridays... loved your post!! I was adding in my own every day occurrences that happen with each of my kids when reading through yours. And, then praying that my response will be one of love for the next day.
    Thanks for your sharing! May God bless you and all your littles!! :)

  3. "... a chance to respond better today...."

    That's what I need to remind myself every day. I find the more stressed and overwhelmed I am, the shorter my temper and the less tolerance I have for those annoying and repetitive behaviours. Thank you for reminding me that God's mercies are new every morning, and so should mine be!!

  4. Every day I screw it up. Every day. I love how you can count on some things to happen every day. It's not Groundhog Day, but something like it. :)

  5. "each new day also brings with it growth and victory" I like that too!!!

  6. I second Kristyn's comment. After a particularly challenging day it's nice to read something like this and have my stress and frustration refocused.

  7. Thank goodness we often get do-overs as parents!

    Anne of Green Gables: "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet."

    Thanks for visiting my blog. PS: Keep the faith!

  8. I think it is possible to miss "invisible" friends - especially ones who think similarly - like this post! Growth and victory - that is what I want today - each day - but oh the growth pains.
    (Oh and I think I found the button on the sidebar of gypsy mama's page).

  9. I really like this. Like the routine and the reminder that routine and annoyances can come together - and my awe at how well you seem to be able to deal with it, day after day.