Monday, June 20, 2011

Multitude Mondays 53-70

 My man has been away four days now, coming home tomorrow.  I don't need to tell you that this has been hard.  He goes away every year for at least five days.  Each year springs new challenges.  One year there was a car accident while he was away, another I fell injuring my knees.  The second year he went, both our littles had the chicken pox.  This year has seemed an exception with no major challenges.  However there has been much wearing at my soul, making it harder to be a good parent solo.

 Today has seen its share of ups and downs.  We started off with good snuggles this morning, but quickly encountered trouble as I dropped off a tearstained child at school.  The day continued in the same pattern.  I am thankful for the storms because without them I dismiss the good times lightly.  The sleeping child is taken for granted rather than gazed on with great thankfulness of heart.  Although today has been harder than I would like and I am not coping as well as I might want, I choose to give thanks.

53.  A good night's sleep.
54. Skype conversations with my beloved before bed.
55.  Wifi, iPhones, webcams, skype, internet, all the technology that enables communication.
56. My mother arriving safely in North Carolina.
57. Helpful airline staff. Such an answer to prayer!
58. A good group of children on the field trip.
59. Butterflies, birds, turtles, insects and fish.
60. Getting to know some of the other parents better.
61. My big camera.
62. MIL watching my youngest even though he screams like a banshee when I leave.
63. That she keeps babysitting him.
64. Quality time with Zane, something that rarely happens.
65. A sleeping Kian, cuddled up next to me.
66. Friends that help, pray and support.
67.  A friend that swept my floor and let me hold her toddler(and share my food with him).
68. Picking up a much happier child from school than the one I dropped off.
69. Adult conversation.
70. That my husband will return tomorrow.


  1. Love that you blog your gratitude list. It encourages me.

  2. So hard to do it alone! I too often have to give thanks out of obedience. Great list in the midst of struggle. Thanks for being real!