Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm a drenched girl writing.

 We had a meeting scheduled for 2pm this afternoon with the elders from our commending church.  Over some very good coffee, they prayed for us and released us to a new church, the one we've been attending since October.  Although parts were stressful, the meeting went very well. Then off Steve went to pick up the kids while I hurried across town to a counselling appointment.

 During the appointment, I found myself struggling.  Although the meeting itself had not been unpleasant, the ongoing situation has been highly stressful and wounding.  Arriving home I was in a funk.  My wonderful husband made dinner while I self-medicated with a book.  Reading and eating helped, especially as we ate beside the forest, while the girls grilled leaves on the bbq.  Eight year olds are very entertaining!

 After dinner, I walked over to see if my friend wanted to go for a walk.  I got sidetracked and ended up talking to another friend, inviting her on the walk as well.  As we were chatting, other tenants appeared.  We don't know them well, but they must be cool people as they run the new game store.  So we struck up a conversation with them.  Quickly it became obvious that we could continue talking for a very long time.  My little boys needed to go to bed, so I invited them to come to Starbucks with us.  She agreed, we set a time, and off I went.

 Some time later, six of us set off to Starbucks.  We walked in groups of three, quickly discovering commonalities.  Getting stopped by the Mormon missionary actually helped, as I learned that my new friends are Bahai.  We began to talk about being women of faith in an increasingly secular/nominal world.  Thus began a theme that wound through our conversation.  It was a very good night.  We laughed, talked, shared stories both as a large group and as a small one.  Then, realizing how late it was, we quickly headed out.

 Sheet lightening lit up the sky.  It wasn't raining yet, but there was a definite possibility.  I decided to keep walking and we'd call for a ride if necessary.  No one disagreed, so we started walking.  Soon the rain started falling gently.  Unfortunately, that didn't last for long.  As we reached the final turn, rain was coming down so heavily that I couldn't see through my glasses.  My flip-flops were threatening to spill me, so I slipped them off, walking barefoot through the puddles. It was fantastic.  We were drenched completely and could not stop giggling.  It has been far too long since I walked in a warm downpour.

 Our new friends ran ahead and disappeared inside.  The rest of us shared a group hug before dissipating into our respective homes.  My husband was relieved to see me home safe, but also not willing to give me a hug.  That was probably a wise idea as I was dripping on the mat.  Still laughing, I dried off, hanging my sopping wet clothing up to dry.   The rain and evening out refreshed me in ways I would not have thought possible earlier this evening. My funk has vanished, leaving hope and joy behind.  *happy sigh*

Sharing my drenched self with Em and the rest;


  1. I smiled just reading about your walk in the rain. Some of my best memories are being caught in downpours with dear friends. Glad your funk vanished.

  2. Sounds like a lovely evening with friends and new acquaintances. :)

  3. What a gift, a serendipity! May the Lord bless those friendships, new and familiar.

  4. i love when he rains down his mercies...

  5. i walked in the rain today and got drentched. It was fantastic. Glad your funk disappeared in the down pour

  6. ... and your husband treating you – likely as you may have treated him – like a wet St. Bernard just in out of the heavy rain :-) a walk in the rain – a warm rain – with friends – sounds sweet, and – well -- just sweet (I'm a writer – can you tell?) and it had to be good for your "Funk"!

    One of the reasons I write, and read in this awesome community is the fact that everything I read yields learning or smiles or both – and I so often get pointed to God. Thank you for this. I hearted it. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours this day.