Tuesday, June 21, 2011

He's home!!!

After an absence of five days, my wonderful husband has returned home.  I didn't cope as well as some years, so he returned to a slightly messy house, but we're all still alive and well.  The kids did reasonably well, as did I.  A good friend of mine dropped in for a visit for lunch.  We enjoyed shawarma and a good, although interrupted conversation.  I was definitely encouraged by her visit and it made a long day shorter.

 Next up, a meeting with the elders tomorrow.  Prayer is always appreciated!

 I am so glad to have Steve back!


  1. What is shawarma? And, welcome home Steve. btw, yesterday WAS the longest day of the year. just sayin'. :)

  2. shawarma? A middle-eastern dish/wrap. Generally chicken or beef/lamb cooked on a spit, and shaved off, seasoned, served with tabuli, humus and/or garlic sauce, various veggies, etc. very yummy.

    Thanks for the welcome!