Friday, August 5, 2011

Answered Prayer: The Dress

 As we've wandered through some treacherous ground, my faith has gotten tattered.  Trusting God has become a scary place, one that I don't willingly go.  My prayer time and faith life have suffered.  As I cling to the remnants of my faith, encouraging my children in their faith has helped.  As God answers prayers, I toss out others.  He continues to answer, I continue to pray and my faith mends one stitch at a time.

 My SIL is getting married in eight days.  She has requested that our family look presentable(ie that her brother wear a suit).  We realized that our boys should probably also look nice.  Off to the mall we went in search of fancy clothing.  We found matching suits for our boys and a very nice dress for Aris.  As they tried on their fancy clothing, I realized that the dress I was wearing(the one I was planning on wearing to the wedding) wasn't as nice.  As my size has changed often over the last several years, I don't have a lot of nice clothing anymore.  I've looked for dresses, but it's really hard to find something nice and affordable. I had been praying for months that I would find something, but no such luck.

 Until today.  After choosing the children's clothing, I prayed very specifically to find a pretty dress, with a crinoline, that looked good on me and was affordable.  Then I wandered over to the dress section.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that all the dresses were on sale today! After picking an armload of dresses and trying them on, Aris and I went back to the rack to find a different size.  While we were there, a pink and black dress caught my eye.  It isn't one that I would normally wear, but I tossed caution to the winds and tried it on.  Oh!  It fit, looked great and wonder of wonder had been marked down to $26!

 Coming home I just had to write about my answer to prayer.  Slowly slowly, one bit at a time, my faith is being healed.  Thank you, God!


  1. yay for you! God is into the details of every aspect of our lives! He loved to bless you with that dress! you're gonna look amazing! have fun!!! :)

  2. :) In the future, when you need fancy clothes for kids, you might be able to borrow from us:)

  3. When my oldest son married, I went dress shopping on my own - no daughters to shop with. Finally, God knew the loneliness of being the MOG - and a dress I kept seeing on-line - well, I decided to get it - it was the last one left - AND in my size + 60% off. God knew I needed a little TLC. God knew you did, too. Isn't it wonderful that God even helps us pick out dresses!

  4. it really is the little blessings that add sparkle to life. I worried as I began to read – and then by the end I was smiling. Well done! Well done. I hearted this. Thank you. God bless and keep you and each and every one of your well dressed ones. :-)