Monday, August 1, 2011

Travelling Mercies- MM 73-120

I haven't posted in far too long for Multitude Mondays.  Consequently, my handwritten list has started to back up.  Some of the following items are dated while others are much more recent. It is good to remember why I have been thankful. :)

73. A new day with new mercies.
74. Pink lilies blooming, my weedwhacked flowers replaced.
75. Bright sunlight slanting across the walk.
76. No screaming this morning.
77. A beautiful bouquet on my kitchen table.
78. A good conversation with a friend, the youth pastor I used to serve under.
79. No one throwing up on the drive to camp.
80. Swimming in the perfectly cool lake after the very hot drive to camp.
81. Friends to share meals and children with.
82. Seeing Zane try harder because of his friend. He's actively trying to swim now.
83. Meals that I haven't had to prepare.
84. Being invited over for dinner by parents of new friends and the lovely conversation that followed.
85. Encouraging and insightful inter-faith conversations.
86. A day without pain after a night with very little sleep.
87. Grace to get through the next day.
88. How sticks and mud can change the landscape(beaver dam).
89. Lots of friends for Aris to hang out with.
90. Being surrounded by parents who understand the reality of special children.
91. " Mommy, thank you for praying for me last night. It really helped."
92. A safe journey to Maryland.
93. AAA accepting our CAA membership.
94. Cheerful, prompt rescuing.
95. A delicious dinner.
96. Helpful and cheerful hotel staff.
97. Protection during metro travel. I didn't get seriously hurt when the metro doors closed on me.
98. A friendly chat with a stranger headed the same way we were.
99. Meeting a Zane Thomas, so close to my little man's name.
100. The glories and variety of God's creation.

101. Baby ostriches.

102. Baby flamingos.

103. Air-conditioned places to rest.
104. Union Station!
105. Finding a Chipotle and the delicious burrito from there I consumed for dinner.
106. A man who gave up his seat for me on the subway. I hope it wasn't because he thought I was pregnant!
107. A thoughtful, organized heavenly-minded friend to go adventuring with.
108. The ability to remember where I came from and how to get back.
109. A swim in a cool pool.
110. WiFi. Free WiFi.
111. The ability to call my family when I am away.
112. My boys had a good day without me.
113. A safe arrival home.
114. Times of reflection, prayer and renewal.
115. A friendship that began in grade nine band class.
116.  God's perfection provision that I would not fully appreciated for many years to come.
117. Being home.
118. The emptying of my stress tank.
119. The freedom to be silly.

120. A bear blowing kisses at sunset.


  1. "the emptying of my stress tank" - i love that description! how i need to remember to do that regularly! i love your list here and the idea behind it

  2. Judging by the smile I'd say you've been refreshed! How nice!!

  3. Such a lovely list. I smiled reading it. And 106 made me chuckle. 116 - Thanks for the reminder - that we don't always understand God's provision at the time, but He IS a faithful provider and He knows best.

  4. Hi! I come here from Ann's site. I have to say that your list make me chuckle a few times:) I especially love #120. What a cute bear in the skies!! Thanks for sharing and God bless.