Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hope in Glory

 As I glanced across the yard while getting my mail, I noticed two police officers talking with some teens.  Curious, and yet not wanting to intrude, I called my friend down the way.  Not suspecting anything wrong, we joked about the police being after me and her needing to point them in the right direction.  She wandered outside only to find paramedics working on someone at the pool.  Coming closer, she realized it was Mr. H,  our superintendent's husband.

 Our happy little world came crashing to a halt. We prayed, our hearts gripped with anguish and dread. Not only was Mr. H our neighbour, he was also the father of good friends, a man we loved and respected.  After the ambulance left, we huddled together in a knot on the yard.  Our children played by the pool fence as they always do, not noticing Mr. H's little box of pool chemicals sitting there, or his shoe left floating in the pool.  We attempted to find any scrap of hope that he was still alive, refusing to admit that Mr. H had left this world. Hours later, it was confirmed that he was indeed gone.

 We cried then and continue to, mourning not only the passing of a good man, but also the hole he will leave in all our lives.  I cry for his wife of almost forty years, going to sleep alone.  This world seems like a desert, full of grief and sadness. I would that this was a nightmare I could wake from with relief.

 But though we walk through the valley of sadness, I cling to truth like a stone in my pocket.  The verses, embedded from the many Christian funerals I've attended, are etched in my heart.  For I do not mourn like one without hope. I know that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.  I hurt for myself, for the family, for all of Mr H's friends, family, coworkers, students, neighbours, congregation, but I do not hurt for him.  For he is rejoicing, around the throne, made perfect.  These little nuggets of powerful truth are clutched tight as I mourn.

 How thankful I am for my faith and the great hope it offers. I look forward to seeing you in glory, Mr. H. I miss you.

 Joining with Imperfect Prose;


  1. I do not mourn as those without hope. I am so sorry for your loss. So sudden. Life is fleeting. I'm sorry for the children, too.

  2. Those verses get me through times like the one you are describing. I can't imagine life without Hope. Your writing today reminds me that life is so short and it is precious and meaningful to those around us.

  3. life comes at us quick. i am sorry for you loss and his wifes...i am happy he is in a better place for now...and for Hope...

  4. What a blessing to know that this man is truly in a better place - the best place, in fact! May that knowledge bring peace to all who knew him. (((hugs)))

  5. I'm sorry for the loss.
    Thank you for sharing your heart.

    "But though we walk through the valley of sadness, I cling to truth like a stone in my pocket." -That particularly pulled at my heart strings today. Marvelous word picture.

  6. oh sister. how death stings... i hurt for this man's family, for you, for the community. thank you for honoring his life through this post. (and thank you so much for your encouragement to me... that you have a friend who prays for me daily--this means the world. what a gift. love you)