Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday Party

 My husband threw me a surprise birthday party today.  We typically just have small family/whoever shows up parties for our birthdays, but have started a tradition of surprise parties for milestone birthdays. Today's party was amusing as I knew he was throwing me a party today and he knew that I knew but we were both pretending to be surprised/surprising. Our friends were very confused.  We got a big kick out of it.

 Steve and Veronica pretended that we were having a community barbeque today instead of a surprise party.  This way they roped me into making food for my own party. :)  Steve was in charge of food while Veronica planned out games.  She had us play a breastfeeding bingo game. The first person to get five in a row was declared weaned.  The guys in the group had a great time coming up with alternative definitions. Apparently hind milk is what is in a sippy cup discovered behind the couch. :)

  Next she had us play a potty-training game. There were three dolls(okay one doll and two teddy bears-one for each of my children)  that were dressed in a diaper and a onesie. The object of the relay-style game was to change the doll from a disposable diaper to a cloth diaper to a pull-up to underwear.  The first team to complete all three stages won.  My team won with room to spare. :)

 I had a great time. It was nice to be loved on, eat good food and hang out with friends. Thank you, Steve and Veronica! :)

 P.S If you didn't get invited and probably should have, I apologize. Next time, I will be writing up a list of people Steve should invite to my surprise party. :)


  1. happy birthday, i think...i'm confused too :)

  2. I'm with the commentor above – I'm a little confused too :-) what I do know is that it seems that you had a happy birthday – and I heart that. Happy birthday to you! And apparently I didn't receive an invite. Maybe you could fix that for the next party :-) God bless and keep you and all of yours.

  3. Sorry to all for whom I managed to forget. I think I'd forget my head if it wasn't attched some days.

    And for the record, I was not trying to rope Grace into making anything. We called it a community BBQ so Grace wouldn't make other plans, and wouldn't find it strange that we were doign things to prepare for a BBQ. The suprise was all the people I invited (or forgot to invite in some cases.)

    Ya, Veronica planed a game with a bunch of words about nursing on it. There was Fore milk and hind milk on it. We figured fore milk was milk before it went into the sippy cup, and hind milk was when you found it beHIND the couch. Every parent has dealt with this sort of hind milk at some point, I think. I guess it's not related to nursing, but hey...

    Happy birthday love!

  4. Happy birthday Grace! Glad you had a wonderful time celebrating:)