Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Better End than Beginning

 This morning started out horribly.  I woke up sick, with burning lungs and a head that hated movement.  My chest stopped hurting after some tea, but my head got worse even after taking some medicine.  Boo! I hate headaches!  They are my kryptonite or whatever it is that affects Super Mom.  I should note that I'm not claiming to be a perfect amazing mother, but rather that my family really likes super heroes.  I have a Super Girl t-shirt, which has morphed into me being called Super Mom.  I also have a Super Friends and a Wonder Woman shirt.  However, the only female super hero who is also a mother is Elastic Girl and I don't have one of her t-shirts.  Also, my superpower is making milk, not stretching.  But I digress...

 Let's go with having a motion-sensitive headache is very bad when one has to carry a screaming, kicking, squirming little boy up two flights of stairs to change his filthy diaper.  Discovering that the other little boy is absolutely filthy and needs a bath two weeks ago also does not help with this type of headache.  Having to straddle a kicking, screaming, fighting little boy to put a diaper on him after he just peed on one's floor does nothing to alleviate the accompanying nausea.  Instead, it causes one to rock back and forth on the floor begging for mercy.  Or ones husband to come home...

 My merciful mother dropped by instead bearing gifts of pizza, hugs, prayers and distraction for two lovely little boys.  My wonderful husband left work early to pick up Aris(Supergirl) from school, and then reappeared earlier than normal to help mop the kitchen floor.  Did I mention that on this very rough day I was scheduled to have a guest for dinner?  Since we're slightly crazy around here, we decided that this must just be spiritual attack and to keep on going.  So we did.  I made an amazing dinner, my headache disappeared and we had a great evening.  Huh.  Imagine that.

 My wonderful husband(Batman) and I just had a great discussion on the couch and now we're headed off to bed.  Well, that is as soon as Zane(Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ben 10, etc) stops crying and goes back to sleep.  Hopefully both he and Kian(Tuck from Wonder Pets) will sleep through the night again tonight.  And yes, all of my family members have super identities 'cause we're all geeky and proud of it! :)

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