Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monopoly Night

 While celebrating his mother's birthday, Steve wandered into his parent's basement and found the Star Wars Monopoly game he purchased in 1998.  After some begging from his son, we played this game for the very first time on Sunday.  Yes, it sat unplayed for 12 years! Now it seems we are making up for lost time.

 From time to time our family enjoys "snacky suppers".  So tonight we made popcorn for dinner and ate while playing Monopoly.  Surprisingly our children did very well.  The older two are very competitive, which means some games end in tears and tantrums.  We tried our best to minimize this by telling them that the winner was the person who had the most fun. :) Aris won with Zane in close second.

 After the kids were in bed, Steve went out for grown-up food(shawarma).  When he returned, we played.  It was an interesting game with Steve ending up in jail 4 times.  He was a wee bit frustrated.  We had a lot of fun playing even though I won by a little bit more than he did.  Okay, four hundred credits more, but that's not a lot really.  Playing with my family and then just with my husband were extremely fun experiences.  I'm hopeful that our next family gaming experience will go well.  Even if it doesn't, I'm going to remember tonight as proof that we can all have fun together. :) *happy sigh*


  1. hi :D

    sounds awesome- i have a friend (with children 10 and under) and every summer they hold a family board game tournament :)

    each saturday afternoon they play a diff game and at the end the person (or team as some of the younger ones pair up) who has won the most games over the tournament gets to choose a place for the whole family to go for a nice dinner out (or some such thing).

    they also pick a 'man of the match'- someone who has displayed great sportsmanship through the tournament who also wins a prize of some sort.

    i think it's such a fun idea.