Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yoga Night

This evening I dragged myself out of the house for yoga.  I've been taking yoga since Kian was 6 weeks old and it's been a very good thing for me, both mentally and physically.  But when the chronic fatigue first hit in April, I was done.  Yoga turned into a nightmare for me.  I kept going for a while, but eventually gave myself permission to stop.  Then I started needing that outlet again.  I've been attending in spurts- three weeks on, three weeks off.  Tonight I felt well enough to go, so I did. Class was a blast!  I'm not sure what was going on, but we laughed a lot! Along with the laughter, we did some different poses like dead bug(the real name, I kid you not) and rolled around on the ground with our feet in the air.  Then we laughed some more.  It was good and I feel so much better! *happy sigh*

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  1. I love yoga. Thank you so much for inviting me after I had Ruby. It is my piece of sanity in my week. <3 Love you Gracie.