Monday, November 29, 2010

Clinging Exhaustion

 Exhaustion is pulling at my bones again, making accomplishing anything almost impossible.  Bread was made with "help" from Kian. Laundry was on my list, but sadly carrying the basket of dirty clothes and leaving in the living room does not count as an accomplishment.  I'm sitting here feeling guilty as my wonderful husband cleans the kitchen.  I wanted to, really I did, but feeling faint does not lend itself to accomplishing much.

 It's been a good weekend.  Aris and I took part in a women's event at the church we're attending.  We spent about six hours cooking together.  Not only do I now have 6 meals(we made 8, but i gave one away and ate one for supper tonight), I also know more people at church!  Slowly we are getting to know people and feeling much more comfortable there.  Aris will be singing in the choir for Christmas and all of our children are feeling much more comfortable there.  It's a good thing. :)

 Yesterday was a beautiful day.  We used an almost expired coupon at one of my favourite restaurants.  The children behaved beautifully!  We dropped Aris off at my parents and then continued home.  Kian fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep for almost two hours.  We took advantage of his nap to play Star Wars Monopoly with Zane.  Initially I was lagging far behind, but somehow I ended up winning by a considerable amount. I was sad that we had to stop. On the other hand, Steve was more than happy to quit. Normally he wins every game we play.  It's rare that I have the advantage.  :)

 Although this exhaustion is frustrating me, I'm so glad that we had a good weekend.  The sadness and pain of last year still weighs on me, on both of us, but we are finding some measure of healing.  For that, I am extremely thankful!

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  1. I don't know where your pain and tiredness came from, but I do know how it feels to cope with them. It's sometimes easy to get discouraged, and at those times I concentrate on what I accomplished, not what I didn't get done.
    Sounds like you're finding a church home. I will lift you up in prayer as you continue to heal.