Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Divine Orchestrations

 Little one in tow, I was leaving the chiropractor's office, when I realized that I had to pee.  But walking back in to an unfriendly receptionist with a hyper two year old, did not excite me.  I weighed my options.

Option 1: Go home to pee and pull struggling child out of car, walk from the parking lot to my door on the far end and then repeat process?  Please no!!!

Option 2: Continue on the grocery store at the mall.  Park by the grocery store, but walk through the mall to the bathrooms with screaming, struggling child as I left my handy-dandy Ergo at home?  Shoot me first, please!!!

 Option 3:  Drop in at my mother-in-love's for a short visit and a pee break.  Perfect!

 I called, she was there, over we went.   Shamed, I didn't tell her that I needed to pee, just said we wanted to visit.  Happily, my little monkey leapt from the van, eager to see his grandma.  Shaking garden dirt from her boots, she grabbed the mail and welcomed us in.  Then, she paused.  Shuffling through her stack of mail, she found a Christmas card.  No biggie, or it wouldn't have been, but this was addressed from her dear uncle who died almost two weeks ago.  She stopped, turned, and then grabbed me in a bear hug as tears began to swell.  I hugged back, understanding, marvelling at the grace and preparedness with which this beloved man approached death.  Briefly, my other mother grieved, and then letting go, commented how glad she was that I was there.

 I knew right then that this visit wasn't me being lazy or impatient or too scared of snooty receptionist.  This was, without doubt, the hand of the Divine.  I am awed, humbled, shocked by the orchestrations this great God will take to comfort His distressed child.  He knew what she would need.  He sent me without me even knowing to be His hands, His arms.  My thoughts splinter and I wonder what opportunities I miss when I try to be strong instead of being me.  I wonder if God loves me that much too?  I wonder and wonder and ponder and hope to not soon forget the reality of being sent.

 As is my Thursday custom, I join with Emily and the Imperfect family today.


  1. I love these divine orchestrations and YES God loves you that much too! He let you be a part of it! :)

  2. Wow! That overlaps so nicely with Emily's story today! I guess God's telling us something. I love how you started the story, too - so quirkyfunny :)

  3. I love these little love notes from Father, when we can actually see the "why" of our day. Beautifully written!

  4. oh what a wonderful story - and i'm sure he loves you that much, too

    my imperfect prose

  5. Oh wow. What an incredible story. God's hand is in our lives daily and how often do we not even realize it?

    I loved this.

  6. He has a sense of humor : )

    And I loved this story of His grace through you, for your "other mother."

  7. this was a sweet really does seem like we're living when we have times like these where we realize how God has orchestrated our steps to bring us to just the right place:):):) thanks for sharing...and thanks for your comment at "Gospel speaks Grace..." so blessed you were touched:):)

  8. i love everything about this post. i love that he uses us in all of our humanness. he is so good. so very, very good. thank you for this.

  9. It's always so awesome to see how He can and does use the little things in our life to reach someone in need, when we least expect it.
    Esp. touching story about your mother-in-law.

  10. I both laughed and teared up at this one! "My thoughts splinter and I wonder what opportunities I miss when I try to be strong instead of being me." Wow, what a thought. Great reminder. So glad you could be His instrument to your grieving MIL. I'm sure your toddler was balm to her soul as well.

    And can I just say I completely understand your "peeing" dilemma? ;-) This afternoon I stopped to put gas in my car and accidentally got some fuel on my hands. I pondered whether to unstrap my toddler, hustle inside, hope they had a decent, unlocked bathroom where I could wash my hands, and then strap my kid back into the car. Um, NO. I wiped my hand on a stray paper towel and sloshed on a ton of antibacterial gel in hopes it would help take away the smell!

  11. Oh, this made me stop and think about all the times I try to be strong instead of being me. Divine appointments. Beautiful.
    Thanks for your kind comments lately.

  12. oh Grace - wow. i too was floored at the "being strong instead of just being me". we as moms just think we have to be strong for everyone, and God wants to be our strength. thank you for reminding me. <> love you.