Friday, December 17, 2010

Baking and Other Thoughts.

 My house smells like eggnog.  I'm not exactly sure why since it has not been spilt (that I know of).  Maybe it's because I've had about three cups of coffee with eggnog in them.  I'm trying to limit my eggnog intake, but it's oh so good!

 There are also many oh so good types of cookies floating around my house too.  I'm hoping to do some more Christmas baking just because I have so much fun baking.  I've made four batches of cookies so far this season.  Aris loves to help me bake and I've discovered that she really opens up while baking.  Sometimes she tells me about school, other times she just sings a song she's creating.  She has a new song entitled "My mom thinks I'm a sheep".  She did record a version of it, but it wasn't quite as detailed or amusing as her earlier version.  I think I'm going to bake more often just so I can enjoy her company.

 I've had a couple of rough weeks, both physically and otherwise.  I'm doing better emotionally this week, although yesterday was harder.  However, I seem to be having another flare-up.  When that happens, I don't type as much mostly to avoid aggravating my hands.  They seem to be the worst hit, probably because of the pre-existing tendonitis and carpal tunnel.  So I've taken time to be still.  My husband and I have spent many nights this week on the couch, catching up on Stargate Universe.  Yes, we're geeks and very happy about it.  This time of quiet has been very good for my marriage.  When in tears I called my husband yesterday, feeling too broken to have any value, he reminded me how much fun he's had with me this week.   I'm very blessed by this patient man who feels loved when we watch sci-fi together.

 Once again, this seems to be rather random.  I'm hoping my hands will stabilize enough so I can write more.  But I'm treasuring the good moments I'm having with my husband and for all the interests that we share.  Many of these have been a surprise blessing for the both of us. :)  I hope you all have a lovely week before Christmas. :)

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