Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Redemption by cookies?

 She perches on the kitchen chair, licking fingers clean of icing sugar.  Her face, top and leggings bear witness to her enjoyment of this delight.  Perhaps I'm guilty of the same offence, as sugar trails white comets down the front of my hoodie.  We made Walnut Snowball Cookies tonight together.  It's a simple recipe, perfect for tired nights and eager helpers.  Using the food processor, we ground up the walnuts and then she mixed it all together.  Once baked, we rolled them in icing sugar.  Of course there was leftover sugar that we just had to eat.  It would be wasteful just to leave it, right? :)

 It's been a hard day.  My adorable Kian had a bad day, leaving him very violent and demanding.  When he backwashed in my coffee, this mommy exploded!  The day didn't get any worse, but it took a very very long time to get any better.   To top it off, I have pain and numbness on side of my head.  I'm not happy.  But my little one wanted to make cookies and I'd found this recipe today and I really do love her, so....We made cookies.  And they're very very good.  So today wasn't a waste after all.

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