Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Changing Tone

 Yesterday was bad. Bread was made with anger, not love, after grumpy baby backwashed into Momma's precious cup of coffee.  Daddy was called, a state of emergency was declared, and all was not well in this house.  An oncoming storm aggravated this girl's head bringing pain and prickles to one side of her head.   Upon awakening this morning, the pain was back.  I almost stayed in bed, but the husband had a meeting so up I got.

 I grumbled, moaned and was just plain miserable.  Bundling the children up earlier than normal, we headed out for the daily trudge to school.  My heart muttered grumpily.

 The sun shone brightly against the clouds and a brilliant blue sky.  The grey trunks of bare trees were illuminated, their starkness a different kind of beauty.  The snow sparkled and crunched under foot.  How could I be grumpy on a day such as this?  It was cold, but not windy.  I felt invigorated, not frozen.  And as we crossed between the plaza's loading docks and the forest, I happened to see a woodpecker.  He was a little bird, striped black and white with a startling red cap.  As we watched, he hopped and pecked around the trunk, bobbing up and down as he went.  We marvelled at his beauty and his lack of fear at our presence.  Soon we scurried on, for school bells wait for no man, certainly not for those who stop to stare.

 The tone had been set.  Instead of gloom and misery, we saw brightness and delight.  My day, my course had been changed and for the better.

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  1. It is amazing how stepping outside of our heads (thoughts/dissatisfactions/grumbles) and observing what is around us, feeling the chill of air on skin, the light of the sun reflected off snow, can suddenly bring us back to our hearts with gratitude!

    Grace indeed.

  2. so glad things are looking up for you. i have had those days too, way too often lately. and looking into those precious faces, or watching the sun rise over the hills, standing in the crisp morning feeling that breath on me, all of it knocks some sense into me. oh to remember before the attitudes get the best of us. thank you for your honesty here.

    and thank you for all your kind comments.

  3. i love this grace. and i know it well. i experienced this exactly, last week. i love you girl. (btw, this is the last imperfect prose until the new year. i hope you have the merriest of christmases! thank you for linking.)

  4. Sometimes it takes just a little bird. I posted a similar story 2 weeks ago. God has a way of sending us reminders of His love and grace, that only those who have eyes to see, can hear the message. I am so glad you did! Blessings to you and your family.