Thursday, December 23, 2010

P.S I got books!!!!!

 Ooh, I forgot!  I got books today! Lots of books!  On our way out of town, we stopped at the library so I could pick up my book on hold.  As I walked in, I noticed the cart full of books for sale.  On the top shelf, sticking up so I could see them easily were The Babysitter's Club books.  I loved that series as a child and here they were for 10 cents each!  But I didn't have any money on me.

 As I checked out my book, I asked what forms of payment they accepted.  I expressed regret that I had neither cash nor cheque on me.   To my surprise, the librarian offered to hold the books for me.  Out in the hall, I decided to check the cart on to discover that they had the Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew.  I decided just to get the Babysitter's Club and the Bobbsey Twins, but when Steve went back he picked up the Nancy Drew books too.  In the pile was the very first book in the Nancy Drew series in pristine condition too!  It's a later edition, but I'm so excited!  Aris is relived to have more books to read.  Apparently she finished her latest stash.

 So I'm going to bed now, for real.  Really.  Merry Christmas! :)

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  1. Glad you got your books, happy reading and new year!