Monday, January 3, 2011

An Exciting Ending to 2010

 On a beautiful wintry night, the second last of the year, I went skating with some dear friends.  This time I was smart and left my purse and electronics at home. I haven't fallen in quite awhile, but still...smashing my phone and iPod would not endear me to my husband.  We had a lot of fun skating, but my skate was loose and my muscles sore, so I decided to be wise and exit the rink.  As I prepared to step out, someone rounded the corner and almost crashed into me.  She didn't(I still don't know how she avoided me), but in the confusion I lost my balance.  Down I went, ending up sprawled full-length on the rink.  Quickly, I rolled off and got to my feet, cradling my arm.  It hurt!

 One of my friends saw me fall, so she came over to check on me.  I thought I was just being a baby as I stood there cursing quietly.  I'm typically careful with my language, so this should have clued me in to the amount of damage I had done to my arm. But I thought I was just being a wuss, so I shooed my friends back onto the ice, insisting that I would be fine.  Eventually I pulled off my skates(that hurt too!) and waited for my friends to be done.  When they were done, I drove us home.  After arriving home, the group of us hung out with another friend.  My arm began to get even more painful.  Kate insisted on walking me back to my door.  By the time I went to bed, I was shaking.  Steve wanted to go to emerg, but I didn't want to be there all night.  Besides, it couldn't possibly be didn't hurt enough.

 After a visit to the doctor and then the x-ray clinic on New Year's Eve, we found out that my arm is indeed broken. *sigh* I'm frustrated, because I'm not supposed to be doing much.  But God is good and my friends and family have been taking good care of me.  Veronica has been coming over to do my hair, since I can't brush it or pull it back.  Steve has been being amazing!  I can't(or shouldn't) get dressed on my own, or wash my hair or do a lot of things.  I shouldn't be typing but the words were building up inside.  So you may or may not here from me for the next bit.  It should be an interesting couple of weeks as I can't drive, type, write, cook or bake.  I hope 2010 ended with much less of a bang for everyone else.  Happy New Year! :)

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