Saturday, January 15, 2011


It's been two weeks and two days since I fell and broke my arm.   Although there has definitely been a lot of good come out of this, it has also been a very challenging time.  I'm not the world's most independent person, but I don't exactly like asking for help.  Nor do I like being dependent on other people.  So for the last two weeks, most of my needs have been met by other people.  I did enjoy the break from cooking, but I didn't enjoy not being able to cook or bake when I wanted to.  I especially did not enjoy not being able to dress or bathe myself or do anything with my hair.  Thankfully, i was able to dress myself(albeit carefully) within a few days.  Over the last two weeks, I've been slowly gaining back movement and mobility.  Today I was able to wash my hair ALL BY MINESELF!!!! (said as Kian would).  I was extremely excited.  I now need to build up muscle tone in my arm again.  Although I could wash my hair, I wasn't able to brush or braid it.  Thankfully, the amazing Veronica did that for me.  Although I'm not fully healed, I'm rejoicing in being able to do more each day.  Progress makes me happy! :)

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