Monday, January 31, 2011


 Today was my first day of being back to normal.  I finally have complete use of my arm back.  Yay!  However, I'm finding being back to normal fairly tiring.  My oldest is quite sensitive to how tired I get and she became very concerned this evening.  Unfortunately, Steve had a meeting to attend, so I was on my own for bedtime.

 Aris decided to help put her brothers to bed.  While I cuddled with Kian, she read the bedtime devotional, collected and assigned prayer requests, led her brothers in prayer and then sang to them.  It was very sweet.  The boys were very calm and obeyed her quite well, which is unusual for them. I really appreciated Aris' help and enjoyed watching her take care of them.  Although Aris has her difficult moments, she is such a thoughtful, sweet child.

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  1. I hope you poured on the positive reinforcement so she'll remember it as a good moment just as you will.
    Our son went through a period where he was 'acting up' a lot. We got so that we had to immmediately reinforce 'acceptable behavior' or else all he got was negative and that can be disheartening for everyone. (I'm not saying that's the case with yours--I'm just passing on a word of wisdom from a grandmother--me).
    I'm glad you had that precious time and that your arm is so much better. Yeah! Praise God!

    Wonderful post on the delivery. What an awesome privelege to witness birth. My daughter had to have a c-section also, which she absolutely didn't want. It turns out that Aaron's head was much too large for her birth canal which we now know is quite narrow. She would have ended up exhausted and in emergency c-secion without her husband. We were all perplexed as we were praying, but then praising God for answering our prayers for a safe delivery.
    The cord wrapping is a scarry thing! Am thankful for all of you that the baby is fine.