Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baking Then and Now

 On Sunday afternoons, while my parents napped, one of my favourite pastimes was to experiment.  I used to attempt to wrap slices of apples in a mixture of butter and sugar and then bake them.  Or my sister and I worked together to come up with very cheesy popcorn.  Playing around in the kitchen was something I really enjoyed until my father banned me from experimenting after I made a crustless quiche.  I'm still not quite sure why he was so upset about the crunchy potatoes...

 It has become quite clear that my daughter has my same love of baking.  Since she was quite small, she has been very involved when I bake.

Now my big girl is busy baking (almost) all by herself.  This evening she made gingerbread flowers from her new (and very first) baking cookbook.  They turned out very well, although she ended up staying up past her bedtime.  As tomorrow is a P.D day and quite likely a snow day as well, we shall decorate them then.  My little girl is growing up!


  1. I really hope my son and daughter find a love in baking also :)

  2. My son bakes with me, sometimes. I look forward to baking with the baby girls. Now they just sit one on either side of the blender. Sometimes the older eats flour. :) Blessings to you...