Friday, February 4, 2011

Five Minute Friday-Mail

 This week Lisa-Jo picked mail as the topic for Five Minute Friday.  Here goes...


  When I was younger, I had many pen pals.  Many I didn't know, but a few, especially during the summer months, I did.  While I worked at camp, my best friends and I wrote many letters back and forth.  Stamps were much cheaper then, the internet something that we had only vaguely heard of.  So we wrote, letters crisscrossing Ontario and out to Nova Scotia.  How I loved mail days and letters from my best friends.

 Last week I pulled a handwritten envelope out of the mail with a very familiar return address.  But it wasn't addressed to me!  I felt vaguely saddened, but then joyful when I realized what was inside.  My best friend had written my three small children letters.  Aris, the oldest, received a card.  She wrote the boys both postcards, Kian's complete with scribbled "writing" since he can't read yet.  These letters were such a precious blessing to my little ones.

 Although I can lament the lack of personal mail for me, I am so blessed by the thoughtfulness and love on the part of my friend.  Not only has she stood by me through some very challenging times(oh the joys of finding ourselves in high school), she is truly an aunt to my children, loving, caring, praying and challenging them.  We are all very blessed!


On further recollection, I think I should start writing more letters. Those were the days. :)


  1. I miss writing letters. I had a few penpals growing up. My grandma still writes me real letters. I really should send real mail more often.

  2. Yes, letters coming in the regular snail mail now are so far and few between. :( This prompt has poked at me to try to send a few more this year!