Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Yesterday morning, we had a LifeGroup social at my in-laws house.  My father-in-law made pancakes(his specialty) and others provided real syrup, stratas, fruit and cinnamon buns.  It was a nice breakfast.  We're the youngest couple in our group which can be interesting.  The older couple invited several people that they hang out with at Tim Hortons.  I really enjoy talking to people, especially those that are quite a bit older than I am.  To give you an idea of the age gap, most of the people there have children older than me.  I enjoyed talking to them, and then after breakfast we played games together.  Dutch Blitz was being played in the dining room and crokinole in the living room.  We had a lot of fun.

 After begging lunch off of my in-laws, we quickly stopped at the mall for Valentine's cards and a present for a baby shower.  The mall was quite crowded, which made our planned short-stay much more desirable.  After running our errands, we headed out to the country.  Living in the city, we're typically protected from the worst of the weather.  We quickly discovered that the snow was blowing outside of the city.  Steve was trying to decide which roads were the safest.  Thankfully we arrived at our destination without any problems.

 A young friend of ours is heading to Sudan for an internship.  To raise support, she and several others put on a fair at a country church.  There was live music, facepainting, a magic show, a carnival, and a bake sale.  Unfortunately, it wasn't well attended.  We enjoyed the chance to catch up with several friends and have our children entertained.  It was really well done and I'm excited about the baked goods from an excellent local bakery.

 In the evening, Steve and I had a couch date.  He picked up nachos and wings which we ate while we watched a movie.  Before the couch date, I made Oreo-type cookies for Valentine's Day.  The batter took longer than anticipated as I couldn't get the texture right, but in the end I succeeded.  We had a lovely evening together to cap off a pretty fun Saturday.

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