Friday, January 21, 2011

Five Minute Friday-People Watching

 I'm trying something new and joining Five Minute Fridays.  Today we are supposed to write about someone that we noticed while out and about, but since I'm still staying mostly put, I decided to write about someone that I see fairly regularly.  So here goes:


 I know her by her child and she knows me by mine.  But for at least a year, we didn't speak.  We smiled and nodded as we passed on the street, met in the library or waited at the schoolyard for our children to emerge.  I didn't know her name either, just that she was Fu Young's mama.  But oh did I notice her.

 She is gorgeous and exotic, with long black hair that has a bit of a curl, golden skin and slanted Asian eyes.  She always wears high heels, even when the snow is piled high on the ground.  I can't help noticing her and comparing her glam golden coat to my practical brown one. She walks to school in skinny jeans or a beautiful dress while I wear my plain-old jeans and a superhero tee.  Her smile is the best part of it all, lighting up her face with genuine warmth.

 And then one day, she showed up at my church.  We finally had a conversation.  I learned her name and now I know that she is just as beautiful inside as she is out.



  1. Oh, I know one of those ladies in the high heels too... I've seen her negotiate icy terrain in those things! Impressive, indeed. But... how lovely for you to find that her inner beauty is even more impressive. :)

  2. love it!
    i'm so bad about only know people from a distance. lately i've done my best to say "hello, my name is shannon...i'm sorry but I don't know your name"
    it's working! i'm actually meeting these people and am blessed because of it!
    :) i'm so glad i'm not the only one who does this. i feel less stupid now! hehe thanks!

  3. I love how your post reminds us not to place people in categories just because of what they look like OR to compare ourselves to them because they are probably feeling just as self-conscious as we are. Great post! Very thought-provoking!

  4. I like how you reveal the inner her as well as the outer.
    I totally forgot about five minute Friday.:(
    But I enjoyed yours. :)

  5. Truly seeing people is something we have to learn to do if we're to write effectively. I think we've all had these experiences.