Monday, August 23, 2010

Best Friends

 Last week was rough.  So was yesterday.  I woke up emotionally numb and heavy-hearted this morning.  Steve and I shared coffee and prayer over breakfast.  While he headed out the door to work, I grabbed my Bible and journal and headed to the patio.  I sat for quite awhile and journaled the most I've written at one in several years.  I felt at peace, but still filled with questions.

 And then, my best friend Kate came over.  She lives out of town, and I miss her dearly.  It was so nice to have her here even though I had to take Kian to an appointment.  Every time Kate has visited, Kian has been grumpy.  Today was her first time getting to see him in a good mood.  He's a charmer when he's happy.  Later on Kian proved that he hadn't been abducted by aliens when he pitched a fit, but he was at his giggliest for the first part of her visit.  We chatted a bit, drank tea and coffee, and just hung out.  We didn't have a deep conversation today, but it was just so nice and restful to hang out with my best friend again.  I miss her so much!   I'm thrilled that she's going to be in town for the next couple of days.  Between her visit and some good meetings for Steve today, I feel much better about life.  This may just be a reprieve, but breaks are necessary for survival.  I am thankful. :)

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