Friday, August 13, 2010

A Celebration of Dad!

 We had a party at our house tonight.  Granted, it was a small one with only 6 people in attendance.  But I think the guest(no pun intended) of honour preferred it that way.  Today is my dad's birthday.  He turned 55, which is also the number of the year he was born in.  Aris and Zane have already hit those numbers while I will have wait until I'm 81 to do so.  Just the random thoughts in my brain....

 Occasionally, I rave about how wonderful my parents are, especially my dad.  He is amazing!  Dad taught me to read and fostered a deep love of reading as he read many books to me as a young child.  I liked being read to so much that I refused to read by myself for 3 years.  My parents were a wee bit frustrated.  Looking back, I think they're glad I took that long before diving headlong into the world of books.   Dad's love of reading and story is what started my lifelong affair with books.

 Dad has also invested countless hours praying for me, listening, and dispensing wisdom especially as I've had children.  He's done odd jobs(mostly involving plumbing) for me and my friends and has bailed me out numerous times.  Perhaps the most interesting was when he picked the kids and I up after Steve ditched the car.   (In Steve's defence,  the shoulder really did look level and much wiser than it actually was!)  We weren't injured, just stuck but it was late and my kids really needed to go to bed.   My father has been in a rock in all sorts of crazy circumstances.

 So today, we celebrated him.  He probably would have preferred to go straight home, but we invited him over for supper and served some of his favourite foods.  Instead of sitting at home, he was served a lovely meal(ribs!) complete with entertainment.  I have three kids.  Kian started wearing underwear today.  It was very entertaining!   We sang happy birthday,  Aris showed him her museum and we watched some videos on YouTube(one of my dad's favourite things).   It was a small celebration of a wonderful man.  I love you, Daddy!  Happy Birthday!

 P.S.  Happy anniversary to my dear East Coast friends and a happy birthday as well!  Love you!

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