Saturday, August 14, 2010

Secret Agents

 As we drove down their street, I noticed that both cars were still in the driveway.  As we cruised past, we saw them walking out, preparing to leave.  So Secret Agent Steve drove around the block and parked on a side street.  For several minutes, we waited anxiously until we saw them drive past.  Then we pulled ahead, turned onto their street and into their driveway.   I used my key and we were off.  Sorry, I know this story would have been much more exciting if we had picked the lock.  But I didn't even think of that until now.

 Don't worry, we weren't actually doing anything illegal.  And my mom had complete knowledge of our break-in.  She had asked us to come over and set up Dad's birthday presents while she was out.  Somehow we both were running late which resulted in our secret agent moment.  Steve set up a gazebo and an outdoor fireplace in my parents backyard and then grilled steak and corn on the cob for dinner.  We had fun surprising my dad and a nice dinner followed by a fire.  It was hot, but lovely.  Dad was pleasantly surprised even though Zane almost ruined the surprise by saying "We didn't do anything in the backyard, Poppa.  Daddy's just cooking dinner".  Zane is good at arousing people's suspicions with statements like that. :)  It's a talent he has.

 My parents bless us so much that it was nice to give back.  But my favourite part was still the sneaking around. :)

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