Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catching Frogs

 We're on day three or four of the return to normal life.  I'm not exactly a fan.  I'm missing the beach, the tree-covered hills, the delicious meals that I didn't make, and my husband.  No,  I didn't leave him there!  But I really miss him when he goes back to work.  Because of the long weekend, today was his first day back.  Other than Kian having digestive issues,  I think the return went well.  I got some housework done, and we had a great meal tonight.  We had barbequed ribs, roasted potatoes and corn on the cob.  Soo good! But I still felt lonely with Steve back at work again.

 Having Steve around all week ranked the highest on the list of reasons I love vacation.  Next on the list came being by the lake.  Now although the lake the camp is on is fairly deep, the camp is located on the shallowest edge of the lake.  Consequently, on either side of the beach are some nice marshy areas with some beautiful flowers.  The marshes are also home to some lovely critters.

 My children really like frogs.  They also really catching frogs, because they can be admired so much better when up close.  Thankfully their mother also really likes catching frogs.  Aris  and I went catching together first.  She has clearly inherited the frog catching gene from me.  That girl is good!  Later we decided to introduce Kian to frog catching.  We know he likes frogs, but we're pretty sure he couldn't actually catch any by himself.  The plan was to let him cheerfully chase them and then I would catch one for him to hold.

                                                          Here's Kian looking for frogs:
                                                He's found one, but can he catch it?
                                                       Fwoggy! I catched fwoggy!

       Now we both have froggies.  Kian has the daddy froggy, and Mommy has the baby froggy.  While        Steve was taking this picture, Kian was trying to make them kiss.  It's obvious that he's delighted.
 Today when the kids were grumpy, I missed the lake.  I missed catching frogs together, playing in the sand(ok, watching them play in the sand) and splashing in the lake.  But I'm so thankful for the funny stories, the pictures and the memories that we brought back with us.   It was good. :)


  1. Great Pics! What fun!

  2. I think I speak for Kate Ware and myself when I say:

    (that is EXTREME cuteness!)