Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday Blessings

 After an intense couple of weeks, I was pretty sure that my birthday was going to be forgotten.  This often happens as my birthday falls at the very end of a month filled with birthdays and anniversaries.  By the time we get to me, everybody is partied out.  After several bad birthdays, I try to keep my expectations low.  Still, I sometimes find myself in tears on what was supposed to be my special day.

 Not today!  Today has been wonderful.  I have received so many texts, emails and facebook messages either offering birthday wishes or words of encouragement and love.  The wonderful J brought me flowers, white chrysanthemums and a single red rose.  Kate was still in town and came over bearing cake that her mom had made.  It was delicious!  She stayed for my special birthday lunch that my mom brought over, along with a new re-usable bag, a necklace that she made, a beautiful card(that she also made) and a lot of chocolate!  My wonderful husband threw me a family party complete with shwarma(my current favourite food) and baklava instead of a cake.  During the meal several friends dropped by to wish me happy birthday along with cards, songs and hugs.  For my gift, Steve picked up the sequel to my favourite video game.  Zane was extremely excited as he also really enjoys this game.  Both of our parents gave us money for our upcoming trip.

 I can't stop smiling.  Today was amazing.  Even though I didn't do anything "special" (except for accidentally zapping myself on the fuse panel), I feel so loved and blessed.  Thank you to everyone who showered such love and kindness on me today.  *hugs*

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