Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sickness and Rest

 Reflected off my computer screen, I can see the green-gold leaves flutter in the breeze.  Cyclists fly past and I hear my children's happy shouts echoing from the pool.  It's a great day to be outside, especially to splash in the pool.  Simply gazing out my window soothes my soul today.  But I am inside, struggling to keep my weary eyes open.

 For I am sick.  Not one day down, but three in part because of foolishness and desire to do more than my poor body could handle.  Accustomed to pushing through migraines, I tried to do the same with a virus.  It didn't work well.  For my pains, I ended up wracked with fever, chills and body ache.  I've been miserable.  I hoped to be better today.  I had grand plans of canning peaches, doing laundry, walking to the library and having company for dinner.  The laundry is still in process, but the rest has been scrapped.

 Instead I've sat on the couch, played games with my children and encouraged them to make their own lunches.  Zane made his favourite wrap(tortillas, peanut butter and honey) while Aris experimented.  She made ants on a leaf(peanut butter, raisins and cucumbers) because we were out of both bread and celery. They practiced important life-skills and I learned delegation and appreciated creativity.  Despite my initial reservations, ants on a leaf is rather good.  Different, but good.

 And in this challenging week, I'm learning to rest.  Slowly, I'm being taught when to say no and when to say yes.  I want to always be strong, to always push through, to always be the martyr.  Yes, I know I have issues.  This week I've experienced the consequences of saying yes when I should have said no.  I've been taken care of and seen my body start to heal and then I had the opportunity to put my newly learned lessons into practice.  So I took a deep breathe, admitted my weaknesses and cancelled.  Then I rested.

 Hopefully I will be well tomorrow.  But if not, I will practice resting once again.


  1. Learning to rest is an extremely difficult lesson. As one who deals with the chronic illness of fibromyalgia, I know that lesson well. Sometimes I pass and sometimes I fail.
    I will lift you up in prayer. Meanwhile, rest.

  2. i love that you rested and spent time with your kids, grace. this, the most powerful way for a mother to worship, i believe. the 'mary' way. praying for healing for you... thank you so much for linking. xo