Friday, January 8, 2010

Aujourd'hui j'ai parler en francais!!!

For those of you who weren't required to take several years of French, this translates" Today I spoke in French!!!". What I wanted to say was that today I carried on a long deep conversation about faith, in French!! At one point I was almost bilingual, but have lost much of my vocabulary. Aris' French teacher has been encouraging me to continue speaking in French. Since September, we have had several non-English conversations. Recently I've found myself thinking in French, so I shared this with Madame after school today.

We switched to French and at some point in our conversation, she asked me if I had the "cadeaux de Dieux"(God's gift). After I replied in the affirmative, she said that after watching how I interact with the world around me, she thought that I was a Christian. I was shocked and blessed! School drop-off and pick-up is one of my most stressful parenting moments. Typically someone is screaming. Today Zane had just taken a boot to the face. :( To have someone say that to me, especially someone that doesn't know me well, blessed and encouraged me beyond measure. My prayer for the past several years has been that people will see God in me. I fall sooo short all the time, especially this week. Madame continued with encouraging words and spoke some good Biblical truth into my life. Her words were like water in the desert: much needed and life-giving.

Having a conversation in French was wonderful. Learning that God is answering my prayers to have Him shine through was even better! God is just sooo good to me!

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