Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cling to What is Good.

So today was one of those days. You know the days that even before you open your eyes, you just know that today will not be easy. I went to bed late last night leaving lots of work undone for the morning which meant I was tired and stressed. Then Steve decided to take the bus to work this morning so he left 45 minutes earlier than normal. However, I was determined to make the best out of the day that I could. We got to school almost on time(yay!) and without much in the way of meltdowns. Well, other than Aris smacking Zane in the head with a stick. Accidentally, of course!
As I was leaving, my MIL called to invite me over to look through some extra craft supplies. I like freebies! :) Because Steve took the bus, I had the van so I was actually able to go over. I had a wonderful time visiting with my MIL and another friend that I don't get to see as much as I might like. Kian threw a fit on the way over, but I distracted him with chocolate and all was good! Kian said new words, including his cousin's name today. He and Madi had lovely cuddles on the couch and a great playtime with their blankets. They have special matching blankets that my mom made. When Madi was given her fresh from the dryer blanket, Kian thought it was his and got upset. I pulled out his blanket from my bag. Madi and Kian began dancing around the living room with their blankets! Soo precious! i'm not quite sure how to upload the photo of the two of them with their blankies. When I figure that out, I'll be sure to post it. :)

This afternoon was chaos. I had screaming children, my shoulder hurt and I felt overwhelmed. But I made the decision to keep on going. For dinner we had a lovely chicken stirfry served with blooming tea in my special chinese tea cups that I got for my birthday. :) After bedtime I made a rice pudding and then made two banana breads, using my loaf pans for the first time too. I think i also got those as birthday presents. :)

The rice pudding is still cooling on my stove, but the stirfry was excellent. Aris, Kian and Steve loved it. Zane didn't like it, but that's Zane. I typically make up recipes. Sure i'll look up a recipe, but I almost always modify it in some from or fashion. Typically my food turns out wonderful. However, the events of this fall really shook my confidence. And for me, 90% of cooking is confidence. I turned out flop after flop when I cooked. Consequently, I stopped cooking. There was all this lovely local produce in my fridge that went to waste. It was very sad and discouraging. But i recently got my confidence back. I'm not sure how or why, but i'm cooking again! yay! i've made a carrot/parsnip/ginger soup, a carrot salad, enchilada lasagna, chicken curry, and today a chicken stirfry, banana bread and rice pudding! i am celebrating!

It has been a challenging day. It has also been a day filled with glorious bright spots. So I am choosing to focus on those and go to bed with a smile. And a full tummy from sampling my baking. I'm off to get my bowl now....blessings! :)

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  1. I am envious of your ability to cook. I put chicken, broccoli and rice (all of it was already cooked so it just needed to get together) with cream of broccoli soup... it was revolting! Who messes up such a simple recipe!!! (give me just one guess!)... good thing I can bake and "make" cereal (aka, douse it in milk!)- I won't starve. And anyway the day was otherwise perfect! I made apple cider on my wood stove, so really who cares about supper when there is delicious spiced apple juice to wash away the textural disaster that was my dinner (and will be for the next two days... why did I try to be organized and plan for the next couple of meals?