Friday, January 29, 2010

Driving with Jesus..and my GPS

I feel like I must post a warning. Tonight's post is written on Steve's laptop. How fortunate I am that he doesn't go anywhere with out. Well, that isn't quite true. Now that he has an iPhone, he doesn't need to bring his laptop with him anymore. :) Item #56 on the list of how my wonderful husband and I are opposites would be his love of technology and my complete ignorance/fear of it. Thankfully this brings him great amusement, and since he graciously fixes, troubleshoots and answers questions without rolling his eyes too much, I love him all the more. So now that you're warned I'll begin my tale.

This morning was a wee bit chaotic. I had a long list of things to do and needed to hurry home from the school. As I was standing with Aris, the boy I walk home from school approached me with a worried look in his eye. His little sister had come to school, but it wasn't her school day. She was sad and scared. There went my agenda for the morning. We went to the office, called her mom, and then another mom drove us home. The roads were pretty slick this morning, and as we were driving another vehicle rounded a sharp curve much too quickly for the road conditions. Not surprisingly he completely lost control of the car. Remaining calm while a car is sliding towards you is a difficult task. I wasn't so much frightened as not wanting to have to explain to A's mother why she had been in a car accident. Thankfully, the cars did not connect and we got A home without further incident. :)

I hurriedly did my grocery shopping, just barely managing to get to the skating rink on time. I tied skates, put on helmets, taught beginning skating (you want to fall on your bum), held hands, played ice tag, praised kids efforts and helped many a child back onto their feet. It was crazy, but great. Then we scurried home, packed the car, rescued Grandma and Grandpa from the boys and headed out.

Steve was amazing. Knowing how hard I find driving in the big city after our car accident, he didn't even suggest that I do it alone. Instead he found us a great hotel with our points, made plans to go to the zoo with the boys and helped me find the military base where my workshop is located. This is my first time on a military base. It's kinda cool. Intimidating, but cool. :)

Because of how late my course ran tonight, I had to drive myself. Now I dislike driving after dark, and I dislike driving in the big city. I'm always so anxious. My wonderful husband took the afternoon off work so that I would be able to find everything in daylight before my course started. Without me even suggesting it, he drove first to the workshop and then to the hotel so I would be able to find my way back. Because of his love of technology, we have a GPS. The first one was rather dysfunctional with sometimes faulty maps, strange routing and a history of crashing 2 minutes before our destination. Thankfully we now have a much nicer GPS that is much more reliable. We got all the kinks out of our route this aft, so that I knew how to program it appropriately as well. And then off I went.

I was scared. This was the part of my course that I had been dreading the most. Steve prayed for me and then I set out on my adventure. I started the car, programmed the GPS and then said "okay God, here goes! It's just you and me!" And the GPS and my very loud music. I started off with TobyMac but then VeggieTales Worship came on, so I sang praise songs with Bob and Larry. :) Guess what? I didn't get lost, I didn't get anxious, I was actually early, and my van is still intact! Yay! Praise God!!
I loved the course! So far, it is absolutely amazing. The instructor is great and doesn't get on my nerves at all. :) One of the women has a very unique name. During one of the break times, I asked her about it. It turned out that her parents had been in Ghana and had chosen to give her an African name. My daughter's father is from Africa so we began to talk about that. She asked me if I had ever been and I said not yet, not for lack of trying though on my part. I reciprocated the question and she said that yes, she had gone to Rwanda in October. Rwanda was where I was supposed to go, so we began to chat about where she had been and what she had done. We didn't get very far because break was over, but I asked her who she went with. She hesitantly responded that she had gone with International Teams and had I heard of them. How awesome is that? This just happens to be the organization that my husband works for! So cool! I look forward to talking to her more tomorrow.

I could write a lot more. There were a lot of cool conversations. I'm very excited about tomorrow. But it's late and I need to go to bed. I'm so happy I can't stop smiling. Did I mention how much I love my husband? Okay, okay, I'm going now...:)

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