Thursday, January 21, 2010

Falls, Dates and Penguins

On Monday, Kian fell off the top of the couch. He screamed for an hour and then settled down. After being put to bed, he woke up and screamed for another hour. My wonderful husband ended up sleeping most of the night with Kian. We checked him over in the morning and concluded that he most likely had sprained his wrist, but that he was fine. He had use of full motion and only complained a little. Yesterday, Kian tripped before supper. He wailed briefly, but after supper I noticed that his arm was swollen again. We're pretty sure it isn't broken. He isn't complaining much, he's using his arm and has full mobility in his fingers. But every time he falls, I wince. Since he's not quite two and still mastering the art of walking, there have been quite a few falls today. Thankfully, he hasn't re-injured his arm again. Hopefully, it will be given a chance to heal.

Today Kelsey's was celebrating its 30th anniversary by giving out free wings. I love wings! Steve and I were going to try for a date, but our kids protested. So we decided to bring them along. I put on eye makeup, and Aris picked out clothes for Zane. He looked very nice. Then we picked Steve up from work. The time limit I'm willing to wait for food is a lot shorter when I'm with three small children. So when we saw that the line was out the door, we went to plan B. Knowing how poorly my kids cope with surprises, we had already discussed what we would do if the wait was too long. Aris picked a restaurant and off we went to try out Popeye's. It was a very strange experience as I used to work at that Taco Bell. Some things were the same, much was very different. The food was good, but the staff needed more experience. The kids loved it though. We had a good family date. :)

Aris and Zane had some great conversations today. Overhearing their conversations just cracks me up. Today was a good day for them with lots of conversations and hilarious lines with very little fighting. This morning, they squeezed in some imaginary play before school. At one point, Aris said that her job is to be an alien doctor. Zane responded " Your job is to be an ALIEN?!?" I cracked up laughing. :)

We drove through the country to get to Steve's office today. I noticed a large bird soaring above us and then it swooped down and grabbed something out of the field. I was driving, so I couldn't pay close enough attention to identify the bird. Aris was listing off the bird's characteristics for me; It had blue or grey outside feather, a white breast and an orange beak. She was trying to identify the bird. She loves animals and spends quite a lot of time at the African Lion's Safari during the summer, so she's fairly knowledgeable for a 6year old about birds. Zane piped up with "Well, it definitely wasn't a penguin". I'm laughing as I type this. Oh Zane, how I love you! :)

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