Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Planetary Adventure

Oh my goodness! I am absolutely exhausted. The last couple days have been filled with excitement and activity but sadly lacking in sleep. I had a great last day at my workshop, a safe drive home and a good small group. My friend's husband made yummy curry. :) I heart curry!

The best part of my day was the drive home from lifegroup. I was exhausted and the kids were freaking out. But somehow our kids decided that the van was a spaceship and we were travelling through outer space. We passed Krypton, Saturn, Mars, Hoth, Betelgeuse, Kashyiak(the Wookie homeworld) and many more on our way to Coruscant. It was a fun and interesting journey. By the end we were making up the names of stars. Zane: What's the name of the star that looks like a light switch? Me: Power On. Aris: What's the name of the star that looks like a V? Me: Oh, that's the Flying Geese Star. :) The kids were amused and spent the drive laughing and engaged rather than crying and fighting which is what typically happens when they're that tired. It was a good drive. :)

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