Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sharing and Reconnecting

Goodness gracious! Today has been a very full and at times challenging day! We are walking through a very rough time with our oldest. I think most of today's outbursts had to do with being overtired, but it was emotionally draining on both Steve and I. Hopefully more sleep and prayer will help. Sundays are a hard day for me to begin with, but dealing with Aris' tantrums made it a lot harder. Thankfully there were some really good moments with her though. She brought her camera with her to all of today's events and got some great pics. She also shared her camera without any issues. Several times, she had great snuggles with Steve. Aris has been very resistant to showing affection to either of us, especially Steve. Seeing them snuggling made me happy. :)

This morning, I shared during the service at church. I was very nervous about sharing for several reasons. After the events of this fall, I no longer feel comfortable sharing during the service. But last week God bothered me about sharing on the topic of prayer, so I went to my pastor and volunteered hoping that he had someone already lined up. Unfortunately for me, he didn't. I was really nervous about speaking, especially when I walked into a full service with several newcomers. My language function doesn't always work properly and I find it very hard to speak clearly and coherently sometimes. Thankfully today went very well. I communicated clearly, people enjoyed what I had to say, and I coped with Aris asking me questions during my talk. It's very hard to stay focussed when a little girl keeps asking questions. I'm really glad that I obeyed and volunteered to speak. :)

This afternoon, we had a F&ST WORKS program. This the continuation program for the F&ST families. We meet about once a month for about two years or as long as we want. Several families have left the school for various reasons and more families had other commitments. At first, it looked like just 3 families would be able to attend. Unexpectedly two of the families that left our school showed up about 30 minutes in. It was so good to see them again! I had been becoming friends with one of the families in particular and wasn't sure if I would ever see them again. They moved earlier than expected and I hadn't been able to say goodbye or exchange phone numbers. To be honest, I thought that I would never see them again. Silly, I know since they only moved within the city. But they came today! The two youngest are good friends with Aris and Zane, and I was becoming friends with both the mom and the oldest daughter. She said that she could talk to me because I wasn't a real grown-up. Apparently I act more like a teenager. Given that I'm 28, I appreciated this. :) We hugged and had a great time catching up. They now have my phone number so I can continue my lessons in Somali cooking. :) It was so good to see my friends again.

For dinner, we went to our LifeGroup. Today was supposed to be a social, but we just hung out. It was nice to have some downtime. Harry made a great Indian side dish that I thoroughly enjoyed and for dessert I was served a huge slice of partially frozen lemon meringue pie. Sooo yummy! Zane wasn't feeling well, but it was nice to just visit with our friends and enjoy a meal with them. They are so special to us.

Before I started writing, I was in meltdown mode. Life seemed pretty overwhelming. But after listing all the good things about today, I feel better. Since this is why I'm writing, I'm declaring this post a success! Hopefully tomorrow will be better, especially for Aris and Steve. But whatever happens, we will survive! :)

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