Saturday, January 16, 2010

In Between Saturday

I really don't know what to write tonight. I had a busy Saturday doing what felt like piece work. My house has been de-Christmasfied and cleaned, I went out with my mom for several hours, and had some friends over for Carcassone and brownies. Steve left for several hours to help a friend move which the boys were not happy about. Apparently on Saturdays they have exclusive rights to Daddy's time. :) Thankfully they adjusted well to his departure and didn't whine much for him while he was gone. They do love their daddy very much! I am so grateful for how much my boys love their dad and how much he loves them back. :)

I am also grateful for parents that live close by. My mom and I went for lunch and then wandered around a nearby town. I bought some citrus oil and some fudge. Speciality fudge was half-price and strangely enough the store honoured the "buy 2, get 1 free" policy. So I bought sambucca, candy cane, and chocolate jalapeno flavoured fudge. I haven't tried the chocolate jalapeno, but I really like my chocolate spicy so this should be good. :)

I am also grateful for getting my house cleaner. On Monday, I'm throwing a party. This morning, my house was a disaster. I have been too tired this week to tackle it well, so messy it has stayed. But today I managed to put enough effort in to deal with the worst of the mess. I still have more to do, but oh does my house look better. Hopefully I will be able to tackle some of the clutter between either tomorrow or Monday during the day.

I still wish I had read more today, but looking back, I am satisfied. :) I crossed some chores off of my to-do list, spent some good quality time with my mom, hugged my dad and sister, made brownies, and had friends over. *smile* Today was a good day. :)

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