Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspired By A Pig

My kids watch way too much tv. They watch much more than I ever did as a kid, which is fairly easy to do as I grew up without a tv. One of Zane's favourite shows is Wimbly Pig. His favourite episode is one where Wimbly goes around thanking his lucky star for absolutely everything. Strangely enough, this episode has spurred Zane on to pray. He was refusing to pray for several months, offering a firm loud "NO!" whenever he was given opportunity to talk to God. But after watching Wimbly Pig thank his lucky star for everything("How silly!" my kids commented.), Zane decided to pray. His prayers are long, often in song fashion and he likes to twirl in a circle while praying. But he also thanks God for everything. So this post is inspired by Wimbly and Zane. :)

Thank you, God, for my nice warm house. Thank You for my beautiful children. Thank You that Kian has finally stopped screaming and is sleeping. (Kian fell off of the couch this afternoon. We may have to take him to the hospital tomorrow, but he has finally settled down for now). Thank You for good friends. Thank You for tea, yummy fruits and vegetables and for chocolate. Thank You for parties. Most of all, thank You for sleep! Good night, everyone. :)

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