Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Collection of Good Things

I always seem to be having one of those days. Perhaps this is to make me treasure the good days and not take non-pain days for granted anymore. Kian had a rough night last night. We're not sure what was going on, but he woke up several time throughout the night. I woke up before Steve each time, but if I went down, Kian would freak out. At night, he only wants Daddy. This meant that I had to then wake Steve up and that we were both grumpy this morning. Steve won the grumpy contest, so I did breakfast while he slept. Unfortunately, I also have a migraine today. The pain level is tolerable, the alternating numbness and heat is freaking me out a bit. There have been many things that made me smile today, so I'm just going to list those.

- Kian said "mommy" for the first time. Normally he says "mama".
- Zane said to me " Well, you're definitely not a urinal!!" This was hysterically funny at the time. Zane tends to have random remarks uttered in full Zane intonation.
- Reading Little House in the Big Woods to Aris on the couch this evening.
- Listening to Aris read.
- Steve putting dinner on the table because I was slightly incapacitated.
- Steve going to be at 7:30(*sniff*) and then getting back up at 8 because he couldn't sleep. yay! i like spending time with my wonderful husband.
- making childcare arrangements for the next couple of days that actually weren't a problem.
-little boy falling asleep in the back carrier.
-watching Zane sleep.

The list could probably be a lot longer if I wanted it to be. When I start looking at it this way, life looks a lot better. When I compare my life to those around me or around the world, it looks pretty perfect. I need to remember to see my life through God's eyes or the eyes of those around me, not through the lenses of our cultural expectations. I have a roof over my head, I have food to eat, my children are healthy, my family is nearby, and my husband loves me. More than any of that, God is good and His love endures forever. Okay, I think I can go to bed happy now. :)

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