Thursday, January 7, 2010

Treasure Box

The best of my day arrived slightly before dinner:

Yes, that's right, a box of food. Now this isn't any box of food. This is my first ever from the first ever delivery of the local/non-local LOFT(Local Organic Food Team) box. Last year we tried out LOFT. It worked reasonably well but our family decided to try out a local food buying club( this year instead. During the winter, Bailey's switches to once a month delivery. This year, LOFT decided to offer weekly boxes with both local and non-local food. I bothered Steve until he gave in and ordered one for me as a trial. I think we will get another. Personally, I was won over, but we'll see what Steve says. :)
The bananas in my box are certified fair trade from Equador, the greens are locally grown as are the tomatoes. Two years ago, we enjoyed that moment of discovery when we opened our box and discovered our treasure(s). Today was no exception. So for supper we enjoyed a delicious salad made with local lettuce and we sampled grapefruit, bananas and apples as our dessert. It's hard to explain just how happy this box made me and still does, but oh it does! :)

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