Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Snowflakes

Yesterday I ate poorly. In fact, I'm not sure I had a proper meal at all unless of course leftover pizza does constitute a healthy breakfast. Being at my workshop and staying in a hotel, I didn't exactly eat properly over the weekend either, although I did eat some fruits and veggies. Alas as I near thirty, my body no longer tolerates this abuse. This morning my body flatly refused to leave the bed. It took me about 20 minutes to convince my limbs to move. I got dressed and crawled downstairs only to discover that my kitchen was in a state of chaos. Dirty kitchens are no fun! This wouldn't have been such a big deal except that I had put in a lot of energy trying to clean it yesterday only to cook a yummy supper and then have to leave before even getting to eat it. Tuesday's are my crazy evenings with Aris' dance class and then my yoga class. I typically don't get in until 10:30pm at which point I drag myself to bed. The kitchen does not get touched by me on Tuesdays. Unfortunately the magic kitchen fairy was exhausted and went to bed early, so a great big mess greeted me this morning. The thought of all this work on top of my exhaustion just about caused me to cry. And then there's that lovely thought of "My work doesn't matter. It gets dirty, I clean, it gets dirty again". Such bright and cheerful thoughts for a Wednesday.

I wear Kian on my back during the winter. We climb a snowhill to get to school that isn't passable by anything other than foot. I am not crazy enough to attempt walking with Kian. He would love that, I would most likely NOT be able to appropriately model God's grace and forgiveness to my kids. So my little man goes onto my back and off we go. Today when I first took his weight, an extra wave of exhaustion hit. How on earth was I going to make it to school?

The first person we saw outside was my dear friend and neighbour. My kids ran over to her and Kian called from my back "Nessa!" in his cute lilting voice. This was the first time he has said her name! That was pretty cool. After giving her a hug(also a good thing), we set off. And then I noticed the beauty of the day. Great big snowflakes were drifting past me, being gently blown over my head from behind. The trees stood large, brown and majestic against the white snow and blue sky. Kian started wiggling on my back and the kids said that he was catching snowflakes with his mittens and licking them off of my jacket. We continued walking, drinking in the beauty and my soul was soothed.

p.s. i did manage to accomplish something today. I did clean my kitchen, did two loads of laundry, ate a proper lunch and made cornbread to go with supper. after the kids came home, we did a frantic clean before grandma and grandpa came over so my house is much cleaner than it was. *contented sigh*

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  1. Hey Grace, I finally got the opportunity to check your blog out. You're a very eloquent writer. I love how you find the positive stuff of your day and highlight it. Thanks for sharing. D :)